About Us

ExperienceSelectNB is an independent, non-profit organization delivering nationally accepted quality programs to assist the traveling and vacationing public.

ExperienceSelectNB assists New Brunswick tourism operators in developing, maintaining & improving their establishments in areas that are meaningful to the traveller while improving their competitive position in the worldwide tourism industry.

Our Team


Emery LeGresley, Executive Director, ExperienceSelectNB

Mr. LeGresley has a wealth of knowledge in the service industry, having worked in various capacities of the industry while attending university, and upon graduation he continued in that career path. Born and raised in an Acadian household, Mr. LeGresley grew up in a francophone environment and has an excellent grasp of all aspects of the French language with the ability to speak, read and write.

Emery has been employed with Experience Select NB (NBTGAI) for over two decades and has served in various capacities with the organization including overseeing the development and delivery of numerous Quality Assurance projects and programs. He has played lead roles in criteria development, testing and policy and procedures concerning the Canada Select and Camping Select programs. He has served in various capacities on boards including TIANB, the CSARC board, ACTE and the national Campings Canada board. He has an exceptional knowledge of all sectors in the tourism accommodations and camping industry.

He has assisted numerous groups and associations in the development and delivery of Quality Assurance programs including the Leading Spas of Canada and Green Key programs. Emery has successfully participated in, and delivered numerous management and tourism training courses across Canada and the US. He was the first in Canada to receive national certification as a Canada Select Certified Senior Rating Advisor.

Emery is dedicated to the tourism industry and has volunteered numerous hours of his personal time to assist various industry members, related associations and program partners and individuals throughout New Brunswick and across Canada. New Brunswick developed and delivered the first ever Canada Select training in 1992, and continues to be a leader in the development and enhancement of the program . Building on this, Emery has played a lead role in the start up of Canada Select offices in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Yukon and British Columbia, and he has trained and mentored numerous rating advisors across Canada over the past twenty plus years.


Colleen Paradis, Project Manager, ExperienceSelectNB

Born in the small town of Bath, New Brunswick, growing up in Napadogan, and now living in the provincial capital, Fredericton, Colleen has more than 20 years of experience working in the tourism industry. She has been instrumental in developing marketing initiatives for Canada Select and development of the ExperienceSelectNB (NBTGAI) database. She has experience in supervising rating advisors and currently sits as a member and past co-chair of the Technical Working Group. Colleen has actively participated in the analysis, revision and implementation of the Canada/Camping Select Rating Program criteria and procedures. She has played an active role in conducting information sessions and presentations to promote the Canada Select and Camping Select Rating Programs. She has assisted various industry associations in various capacities and has successfully completed various tourism and management related courses along with French as a second language training. A demonstrated leader with the ability to motivate a team in a positive manner, she has strong written and verbal communication skills. She is a certified Canada and Camping Select Rating Advisor, Leading Spas of Canada Quality Advisor and Green Key Quality Advisor. She has devoted much of her time to coaching school sports teams, teaching various life skills at 4-H and volunteering