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cslogoWhat is “Canada Select”?

“Canada Select” is an industry led, consumer sensitive rating program, developed for the purpose of providing the travelling and vacationing public with nationally consistent standards of quality within different categories of accommodations.

“Canada Select” is an Accommodation Rating Program that reflects the needs of the consumer. It provides the travelling public with a consistent and reliable rating standard that is nationally compatible and comparable. Participation in “Canada Select” is a good business decision for owner/operators and their guests

The travelling public has many reasons for selecting a particular accommodation. For instance, the business person may select a large hotel with it’s wide range of amenities and services or the atmosphere of a fishing lodge to entertain a potential client. The same business person, when on vacation with their family, may choose to enjoy the experience of a resort which offers a variety of recreational facilities. Whatever and whoever the choice, the tourism industry must provide for every type and level of accommodations required to meet the different needs and expectations of the consumers. Success of any business rests with the objective and accurate information provided to the potential consumer.

Canada Select is an industry driven, consumer sensitive rating programs. It provides the travelling and vacationing public with a nationally consistent standard of quality within specific accommodation categories. An Accommodations Rating Program is defined as “the rating of like accommodations based on the basics of cleanliness, comfort and safety, as well as the extent and quality of facilities and amenities”.

Canada Select Select star ratings indicate to the travelling and vacationing public that the property is rated using nationally consistent rating criteria. For more information and details please visit

How was Canada Select Developed?

Canada Select was developed and continues to be updated through extensive research into consumer and travel trade expectations, ensuring our standards not only meet but also exceed their expectations.

What are the benefits to the travelling and vacationing public?

Canada Select national rating standards provide consistent, reliable information to the travelling and vacationing public on what to expect from a roofed accommodation – “no surprise is the best surprise”.

Do I have to participate in Canada Select?

No – Canada Select is a voluntary program for owners / operators in New Brunswick, who feel a national star rating is a valuable marketing tool.

What are the benefits of Canada Select for the owner / operator?

Canada Select properties receive a certificate, outdoor signage and a Standards Graphics Manual to incorporate into marketing materials such as brochures, display advertising and websites. A standard listing on is included in the participation fee. Operators may upgrade their listing for a nominal fee to include a detailed listing, photographs, direct links and banner ads. Extensive Advertising and Promotional Campaigns inform consumers of the “Canada Select” program.

Star ratings are published, with the operators consent, in provincial tourism literature, providing participating properties international and domestic exposure as preferred properties. A new marketing strategy has been developed to further enhance consumer awareness of Canada Select properties.

  • Fosters general industry improvement
  • Evaluation and rating of properties ensures minimum standards and stimulates improvements. Each participant receives a comprehensive Establishment Maintenance Report outlining concerns relating to cleanliness and state of repair. Inspections are conducted by nationally certified Senior Rating Advisers.
  • Provides an effective management tool
  • By thoroughly evaluating cleanliness and state of repair, the Canada Select evaluations allow owners / operators to use the outcome of the evaluation as a management tool to train and educate staff.
  • Assists in the development of policy
  • An inventory of accommodations, coupled with research market mix, assists industry and government in the development of policies and strategies to stimulate tourism growth.
  • Prerequisite for Canada Select Rating

Each property wishing to participate with the Canada Select Accommodation Rating Program must comply with all municipal, provincial and federal regulations

Cleanliness and state of repair are important aspects of the rating program. The rating advisers conduct thorough evaluations in these areas. An allowance for deficiencies in cleanliness and state of repair is built into the evaluation. Properties which exceed this allowance automatically become unrateable until the deficiencies have been addressed.

How can I participate in Canada Select ?

Contact us and we would be happy to arrange for a rating evaluation. A rating adviser will visit your property, explain the criteria and conduct the evaluation

How is a Property Rated?

The rating adviser completes an inventory of services and facilities (Criteria / Amenities) provided at the establishment and assesses the quality. The quality assessment takes into consideration wall / window coverings, flooring, furniture, bedding, mattresses and tub / shower surrounds, etc. Upon completion of this assessment, the rating adviser then determines the star rating for criteria, amenities and average quality of facilities.

How often is a property inspected?

ExperienceSelectNB conducts property inspections on a bienial basis, provided the property has no infractions or complaints. Inspections are carried out unannounced, at any time during the season of operation.

How do I upgrade my rating?

If requested, the rating adviser reviews the evaluation, determines the services, amenities, or improvements in quality the owner / operator could make to reach the next star level, and provides the owner / operator with a written upgrade report. The rating report is available upon request and is not automatically prepared. Information contained in any inspection report is confidential and is available only to the owner / operator. Please contact us to discuss consultative services, including rating reports, upgrade reports, plan reviews or on-site preliminary visits. A fee may apply.

Who Conducts the Evaluation?

There are professional, extensively trained and nationally certified Rating Advisers employed to conduct the evaluations in accordance to the “Canada Select” national rating procedures, program and policies. The National Occupation Standard for Rating Advisers has been developed in conjunction with the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council and is used as the basis for training programs. The certification process – including written examinations, work assessments and audits, is available on a national basis.

Once a property has been categorized it is evaluated for physical quality of the property, content of facilities, services and amenities provided. All properties, regardless of their star level, must also meet stringent cleanliness and state of repair guidelines.

How much does participation in the program cost?

Please contact us for a fee rates.

Accommodation Designators

As can be appreciated, comparing a hotel to a bed and breakfast would be like comparing apples and oranges. Current consumer research indicates that roofed accommodations should have six distinct categories.

Each accommodation designator is comprised of properties having similar characteristics; however, actual facilities, amenities and services may vary.

  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Bed and Breakfast Inn
  • Cabin
  • Condo / Apartment
  • Cottage
  • Farmhouse
  • Fishing / Hunting
  • Glamping
  • Hostel
  • Hotel
  • Inn
  • Motel
  • Resort
  • Suites
  • University
  • Vacation Home
  • Other

A star rating from (1 to 5, in ½ star increments), is awarded based on the results of the evaluation. Each star level reflects specific consumer expectations.

★ (One Star) rating reflects that a property has met the Canada Select Minimum Entry Requirements which are consumer driven, and include criteria, cleanliness, state of repair, service and efficiency standards.

The following are the star rating descriptions:

★ (One Star)
At this level, guests should expect clean and well-maintained accommodations providing the necessary facilities for an enjoyable stay. Criteria includes standards such as room size, window screens and coverings, clothes storage, linens, door lock, smoke detector, and parking facilities, service and efficiency.

★★ (Two Stars)
This level equates to what is popularly considered “mid-range” accommodation. It exceeds the 1 star level in quality, guests should expect clean and well maintained accommodations providing the necessary amenities and facilities for an enjoyable stay.

★★★ (Three Stars)
These properties will offer larger units with generally  additional room furniture, coordinated furnishings, better quality mattresses and linens, clock/alarm, extra amenities in washrooms, etc.  Three star properties offer above average facilities and services.

★★★★ (Four Stars)
This rating indicates exceptional quality in all areas of facilities and services offering superior quality throughout the property in areas of guestrooms, bath and common areas. The property typically provides many additional amenities.

★★★★★ (Five Stars)
A 5 star property is luxurious at a world standard, offering outstanding facilities, guest service and amenities.

Please click here to download the Canada Select Evaluation Application Form

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