“Coastal Inns has chosen Canada Select as a reliable standard for evaluation of hotel facilities, services and state of repair. The national profile and consistent application of the criteria that is important to our guests makes Canada Select the right choice for quality assurance.”
Ronald Toogood, Coastal Inns/Friendship Inns Limited

“I fully support the Canada Select program in my hotel. It provides my guests with a benchmark expectation of quality and comfort when shopping for accommodations. I have found the program useful in many ways operationally from housekeeping training to marketing. “
Darren Murray, CRDE, General Manager, Holiday Inn Express, Moncton

“We choose to become part of NB Grading and Canada Select during its pilot project and have not been disappointed. We felt there was the need for a system that our guests could understand and one that would best represent our property which has been achieved. It has been very easy to work with the staff at NB Grading and Canada Select as well as a pleasure.”
Elsie O’Regan, Captain’s Inn, Alma

“The tourism industry benefits both your company to evaluate our business and strongly believe that your services allows us to improve us. In addition, your services allow visitors to choose more to enlighten our institution.”
Micheline Whalen, Director, Quality Hotel and Conference Centre, Campbellton

“Our business has always believed in the inspection and star rating provided by the Camping Select Program. Each year our customers tell us how great they find the star rating system in our province.”
Janet Clark, Co-Owner Jellystone Park

“As a new B&B having the Canada Select 5 Star rating has been crucial for the success of our business. New Brunswick Tourism Grading working with Canada Select assures guests of the quality of any property with their established Star rating system.”
Debra Quartermain, Quartermain House B&B

“Being graded by a recognized and reputable organization helps operators promote their product and services. Customers have different expectations and are looking for different experiences. There is a grading opportunity for all types of lodging. To the best of my knowledge, NB Tourism Grading has been providing this service for New Brunswick under the rules and regulations of Canada Select. We have always used NB Grading for our hotels and we believe in the program and services provided.”
Gerald Normandeau, CHA, Senior Vice President, Operations, Pacrim Hospitality Services Inc.

“Our visitors want the assurance that their accommodation will meet or exceed their expectations. Participating in a recognized Quality Assurance Grading program is essential. The Canada Select Grading Program provides this marketing tool for our business.”
Kathy Weir, Managing Director, Broadleaf Guest Ranch

“The NB Tourism Grading and Camping Select program is a known and respected program. It is also a Canada wide program trusted by campers.”
Howard, Diane and Hudson Heans, Hardings Point Campground Inc.

“I would like to convey my support for the Canada Select grading system. In the absence of any comparable system in New Brunswick, I believe that Canada Select works and is the most desirable system to follow. The travelling public needs to know that there are standards so that they can know what to expect and what they are paying for. As managers and owners, we need objective standards by which we can measure and compare the quality of our accommodations. The Canada Select star rating is easily recognized and understood by the traveller and operator alike. Furthermore, there is an implicit interface between Canada Select and other regulated services (e.g. dining room facilities). This interface is important for public safety. Canada Select provides me, as an operator, with objective criteria towards which I must work in order to upgrade and to focus upon to ensure all accommodation criteria, both quantity and quality, are addressed. As a world traveller during my 27 years with the United Nations, I know something about what a traveller is looking for. As an accommodations operator for 18 years the Canada Select system has guided my business planning and service delivery and has served me very well. In view of the above, I fully intend to remain with Canada Select.”
Michael Mersereau, Auberge Governor’s Mansion Inn, Miramichi,

“We see great value in the Canada Select program as it is a very useful tool is assisting the traveller to find accommodations that suit their needs and budget. In particular New Brunswick Grading Authority has been a leader in establishing standards for accommodation providers in our province. They have been instrumental in ensuring standards in New Brunswick are keeping pace with the features and amenities today’s traveller is seeking.”
Glenda MacLean, General Manager I Hampton Inn and Suites Saint John

“New Brunswick Tourism Grading Authority and Canada Select programs provide a consistent approach and is viewed as an indicator of professionalism and quality support from the grading council for marketing of a tourism establishment. Guests from all parts of the country see this as a good indicator of the type of accommodation/service they will experience”
Alvin Noel, General Manager, Chateau Saint John – Hotel & Suites

“Since the creation of the Canada Select Program, I feel the consumer has gained a better perspective of the services offered by the hotel/motel industry. Annual inspections & quality assessments have improved awareness for owners in maintaining standards set by the program. I feel this has truly enhanced the tourism industry in New Brunswick.”
John Waite, General Manager, Fredericton Inn

“As a tourism operator in New Brunswick for over 25 years, the N.B. Tourism Grading Inc. and the Canada Select program have been an invaluable asset to me and the roofed-accommodations I have operated during that time – a bed and breakfast now and a hunting & fishing outfitting business previously. Throughout that time the NBTGAI team has always an excellent resource to turn to as I made property-improvement and marketing decisions. Helpful, knowledgeable and fair are words that come to mind. The Canada Select program that NBTGI administers has been beneficial in two ways: The Canada Select “Stars” have been a valuable marketing tool for both properties I have managed or owned. That is why I have participated in the Canada Select program since its inception and continue to do so to this day… and encourage any other operators who may ask me. Secondly, the criteria created at the different star-levels for the different types of roofed-accommodations have been very helpful to me in making upgrading decisions at my properties.”
David Whittingham, Blair House Heritage Breakfast Inn, St. Stephen

“For me, the star system has Canada Select world allowed me to stand out with four and a half stars received during my evaluation. The number of stars allows me to receive an elite clientele. This is a system I think that helps keep a high level of quality with accommodation facilities.”
Denis Hachey, L’etoile de Havre

“Being rated by Camping Canada Select has been an important part in the marketing of our campground. Campers have been able to rely on their rating to indicate the quality of our services. And we have always been able to depend on a fair rating and complete explanations for such ratings from NB Tourism Grading. As well, we have always been able to depend on quick responses to any inquiries. Our business has improved in the time we have been associated with them.”
Phyllis and Kirk Sutherland, Ponderosa Pines Campground, Hopewell Cape

“Canada Select is a good programme for the B&B. When a tourist is looking for a place to stay, they know by the star ratings that they will have quality, comfort and enjoy their stay and the company of their host.”
Denise Dumaresq, Gîte L’Isle-du-Randonneur B&B, Caraquet

“We were delighted to see how easy it was to transition from one grading system to Canada Select. The folks at New Brunswick Tourism Grading made sure we knew exactly what was expected, gave us personalized attention and helped us along the way at each step.”
Ann Vickers et Raymond Drennan, Auberge le Vieux Presbytère de Bouctouche

“Canada Select gives our guests an assured level of expectation of the quality and service during their stay with us. In addition, as an operator, I feel it is essential that we have guidelines and standards to achieve the level of quality and service we wish to offer our guests.”
Keith DeGrace, Atlantic Host, Bathurst

“The Canada Select Grading program administered by New Brunswick Tourism Grading is a vital tool for travellers seeking accommodation as it provides a level playing field on which to evaluate all properties. Our Five Star grading gives them the confidence to know that they are booking with the very best New Brunswick has to offer.”
Ralph Holyoke, Homeport Historic B&B/Inn

“In the early 1990’s, with no knowledge of campgrounds, but as owners of a unique geographic location, a campground was developed to share the features of our property with the public. Canada Select office in Fredericton, and their field staff, insured that our developing campground met universal and acceptable standards of safety, health, guest comfort, guest expectations. We appreciate the regular inspections and we respond to the check list that insures that standards are consistent and maintained . Canda Select guidelines are invaluable as facility upgrades are planned, guest services and comforts are enhanced. The star grading system is a guide to our guests’ expectations. Canada Select is a win for the campground operator and a win for our guests. As owner of housekeeping cottages for summer guests, I greatly appreciate the Canada Select inspections and advice. Canada Select has consistent guidelines for guest safety and comfort as well as a broad knowledge of traveler expectations . The Canada Select grading system affords confidence to potential guests as they plan their travels.”
Kaye Small, Hole in the Wall Campground, Grand Manan

“As a member of the NBCOA (New Brunswick Campground Owners Assoc.), from the inception of NBTGA and Camping Select, we have always supported this program each and every year. Our members feel this is the best possible program to rate and inspect our facilities.“
Peter Clark, Treasurer and Past President